Blue collar recruiting solutions for companies

  • Get access to thousands of workers
  • Get access to each worker's working history
  • Get needed labor in matter of seconds
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Do you need a job? Get a job through mPawa:

mPawa for prospective employers

Recruit online

Access the mPawa dashboard to recruit workers in our large database. Reduce your recruiting efforts by a fraction.

Best match for the job

mPawa's software is designed to get the best workers for the job according to the given requirements. In the other hand, you can select the desired worker manually.

Notify workers instantly

As soon as a match is made, the selected candidates are notified instantly; via email, via mPawa dashboard for job seekers and via SMS.

mPawa for job seekers

Get notifications

Get notified anytime anyone or any company needs your services. Notifications are available via email, SMS and by accessing your mPawa account online.

Build your CV online

Create an online résumé visible to any prospective employer. Make your professional achievements visible so as to increase your chances of getting a job.

Be a star

With mPawa you become a rockstar of your own trade! Be sought after from companies all over the nation.